18 ! Queer/Butch i live in the edge of my life i like to be like that ! I ^^ ı always follow back and hey just come and talk to me about anything ! ı love the l word and queer as folk,doctor who so much so we can discuss bout it also ^.^ kik:butchezgonnalove me ! kik me ! :)

Here its my best friend Sena http://killingzombiesforfun.tumblr.com/ she is the best friend you can ever have ! but sorry ı already cought her Follow her she is a reaaallly dangerous zombie fucker !

İ believe in love more then distance so we dont give a fuck about that miles and i do love my beautiful girl forever <3 she means everything and more to me and will always be <3 :)
Ankara/Hacettepe Üniversitesi
Almanca Mütercim Tercümanlık
Hacettepe University/ German Translation and Interpretation !
Whatsapp: +90 538 337 9842
Ti amo amore mio! <3 <3
insomnia and Narkolepsi !


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